StarSim HIL

StarSim HIL is a configuration based modeling software. It’s based on FPGA and CPU technology and supports hardware MT 6000, MT 8000, MT 9000.Users could download power and power electronics systems directly to these types of hardware with I/O, to realize a small step real-time simulation system.

Component libraries supported by StarSim HIL are Sources,Switches, Machines, Passive components, Meters and Terminals.

StarSim HIL is very convenient. There are only 3 steps to implement a small step real-time simulation with StarSim HIL.

  1. Build power and power electronics system models with StarSim Editor or 3rd party modeling tools.
  2. Load this model into StarSim HIL and configure system model I/O (Mapping model I/O to hardware I/O)
  3. Press “Run” button in StarSim HIL to download the model and mapping information to hardware. Then the hardware emulates the response of the simulation model in real time.

In addition, StarSim HIL also has many functions, such as automatically analyze model resource consumption, online waveform real-time display and waveform recording.

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