MT 1050 RCP

With newly-brand self-developed software and hardware architecture, high-speed control, online parameter adjustment, and for development and debugging of controller algorithm for new energy power electronic system, MT 1050 – our domestic independent brand control algorithm development platform is your first choice!

MT1050 adopts CPU+FPGA high-performance hardware architecture to help users to quickly debug and verify the control algorithm in a safe and comfortable environment. The unique advantage of the platform is numerous analog and digital signal channels, as well as a flexibly configured control interface. MT 1050 can help with the innovation and practice of advanced control algorithms in the field of power electronics and power transmission.

Application Scenarios

During the process of controller developing and manufacturating, the conventional control board based on DSP chip has many problems in terms of development method, such as long development period and low reliability of the hardware. As an efficient R&D tool, rapid control prototyping controller can help researchers to do an excellent job in prototype development, reduce the time of algorithm verification, ensure quality, shorten the R&D cycle, save costs, and accelerate the output of results.

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